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Treatment in Poland

Poland has recently become a full member of the European Union, and its successes in almost all areas of life support are simply amazing. And, probably, the level of medicine is most striking. They began their reform about ten years ago, but it is still ongoing. Trying to meet the level of European medicine, the Poles are constantly improving the level and quality of medical services. And a lot has already been done, therefore Poland is becoming an increasingly popular area in medical tourism.

Why Poland

In fact, there are a lot of advantages:

  • full compliance of medical centers in Poland with the high standards of European clinics;
  • High qualification of specialists who undergo training in clinics in Germany, Austria, Great Britain;
  • the relative accessibility of treatment (since Poland is only gaining popularity in medical tourism, and there are no longer long queues to register for treatment);
  • low price compared to other countries of the European Union (80% cheaper than in Germany, Austria, Great Britain);
  • and what’s important, it’s very close by (you can save on expensive flights and accommodation).

What can be treated in Poland?

It is no secret that many of our compatriots (especially residents of Western Ukraine) have already discovered Poland as a country for a high-quality diagnosis of diseases, a full examination of the body, vaccination (especially for children) and effective treatment of many diseases https://polymedex.org/. There are a lot of such examples, even among friends.
We can say that many areas in Polish medicine are developing very intensively and are priority, especially those that are in demand by themselves.

The first of them is oncology.

Due to the fact that Polish oncological clinics are equipped with the latest technology, all existing treatment methods are used there, depending on the morphology of the tumor, its location and size. Sometimes single methods are used, or a combination thereof.
Patients performed:

  • radiotherapy;
  • targeted therapy;
  • proton therapy (the newest, highly effective and safe method that can be used by children);
  • electrochemotherapy (effectively used to treat skin tumors);
  • cyber - a knife;

It should be borne in mind that the cost of treatment, which is not inferior to treatment in leading European clinics, is two times cheaper than in Western Europe.

Лечение в клиниках Польши


The scourge of modern civilization - diseases of the cardiovascular system are also under close attention in Poland. Cardiac surgery is developing very intensively. Cardiac surgery centers use advanced technology and equipment for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

  • coronary artery bypass grafting;
  • balloon angioplasty;
  • annuloplasty;
  • reconstructive surgery on the vessels;
  • all interventions for aortic valve replacement, including TAVI.

Operations are performed on a working heart, without open access. Such operations have become everyday practice in Poland due to the highest qualification of surgeons and the most modern technical equipment.
Another area that is rapidly developing in Poland and is in demand in the world is:


As world statistics show, 80% of people over the age of 65 experience joint pain and difficulty in moving or self-care. In many cases, perennial and progressive diseases, injuries lead to the need for prosthetics of the joint.
Joint replacement operations in Poland are carried out by the method of gentle incisions with minimal trauma and tissue damage. The rehabilitation period is faster and easier.

  • low-traumatic operations are performed;
  • endoprostheses of leading European manufacturers are used;
  • endoprosthetics: knee, femur, elbow joints;
  • uses an innovative technique for ankle replacement (which is not so common in clinics of other countries).

Very often, patients choose Poland for vaccination (especially for children) in case of violation of the vaccination schedule, the presence of contraindications or risk factors.
Another area that is popular is the check-up of the body. When in 1 or 2 days you calmly without unnecessary walks, without nerves, you get a complete picture of the state of your body, of the measures that must be taken to prevent certain diseases.
Poland is a very good treatment option. For the necessary information, please visit https://polymedex.org/. We are always trying to help you. Take care of yourself.



Work on European protocols for diagnosis and treatment

We follow modern protocols to the smallest detail so that the treatment will bring the maximum result.

Non-contact automated diagnostic methods and outpatient surgery

The best and most advanced technologies 

The ideal ratio of price and level of medicine

The clinics are equipped with modern world-class equipment, qualified doctors work, reasonable prices


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