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Useful articles

Surgical treatment of epilepsy
Epilepsy is sometimes called a chronic condition because people often live with it for many years or a lifetime. Although epilepsy cannot generally be "cured," in most people, seizures can be "controlled" so that the disease has little or no effect on their lives. Thus, treatment often comes down to managing the seizures. This is not always the case, when the seizures are not controllable, now epilepsy surgery is also possible.
EDGE Varian - modern treatment in oncology
EDGE Varian Radiosurgery is: Treatment of tumors of any location, any size and shape. Micromillimeters accuracy - the maximum protection of healthy tissues during treatment. The ability to treat tumors that are difficult to remove surgically. The possibility of treating children after 1 year. After a radiosurgery session, the patient can lead a normal lifestyle.
Endoprosthetics abroad
Joint replacement is a planned operation at the Quirónsalud Clinic that is carried out after careful preparation of the patient, selection of the type of endoprosthesis, computer selection of the size of the prosthesis, which minimises risks and ensures maximum functionality and efficiency of the limb.