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Feedback Policy

Polymedex HG applies the same rules and standards to all reviews. The placement rules and standards are created so that only useful information is displayed on our resource. Detailed reviews help other patients make the right clinic choice.


Please do a good deed - leave an objective review. Your review will help the Patient make the right choice, and possibly save his life. It is forbidden to publish information, reviews and comments of a political, racial or religious nature.


Advertising information will be deleted automatically. Polymedex HG recalls that the sale of donor organs is prohibited by law, and in no way does it sell organs or provide any assistance in this. Any information regarding the sale of organs will be automatically deleted.


Avoid publicly sharing personal data that can be used to identify the patient. By putting this information on the public eye, you put patients at risk. Personal information is any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the site user.


Polymedex HG, represented by its management and employees, reserves the right to remove all comments that are contrary to our policies.