Reconstruction of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in the knee

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What is an anterior cruciate ligament injury?
This is the most common knee ligament injury. It can occur both in professional athletes, and only for beginners, and even in everyday life in an ordinary person. Careless loading on an unprepared knee can lead to different consequences.

What is the difference between tearing, tearing and sprain of the knees?
Stretching the anterior cruciate ligament is an injury to the ligament without a clear defect in the structure. The fibers outgrew from a certain excess load, and then simply restore their functionality after some time.
Symptoms are pain, swelling, difficulty moving.

Ligament tear is a trauma with damage to the structure to some extent, if up to 50% of the fibers are damaged - such a trauma will not require surgical intervention and will calmly recover at home on anti-inflammatory drugs, the places of breaks will overgrow with connective tissue themselves

Symptoms are the same as with stretching, but can be more pronounced and a slight hemorrhage is also possible. Clinically, it is very difficult to determine sprain from tearing the ligament without confidential studies.

Complete rupture of the ligament is accompanied by a complete violation of the integrity of the structure and of course the corresponding symptoms. Here the knee swells in a matter of minutes, the patient feels instability in the knee, very often there are hemorrhages in the joint and a very long recovery period. Here you can not do without arthroscopic surgery on ligaments

Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, what should I do?

The most important thing is to remain calm and contact a specialist as soon as possible. Any doctor can remove the first symptoms of the type of pain, swelling and redness, but not everyone can correctly restore the ligament after a break with a full restoration of movement and physical activity.

That is why we recommend the Quironsalud clinic network in Spain. Here, doctors with experience in recovering even the most difficult situations, they treat well-known football teams, and as you know, football players have knee injuries - this is a very common problem. More than 10,000 successful operations to restore ligaments and menisci per year are performed by doctors in this network of clinics.

How is knee surgery using an astroscope?
The Quironslaud clinics use exclusively arthroscopic access for operations on any joints. This access allows you to fully carry out the operation under magnification for the doctor and at the same time is extremely invasive for the patient.

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